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I am a DC-area native and current DC resident. I've been interested in technology since 1987, when my parents bought their first PC. In fact, I'm still using the original IBM Model M keyboard that came with it.

I code sites by hand, usually using Sublime Text. If I'm forced to edit text via SSH, I use Nano - my brain isn't big enough to accomodate VIM's insane interface. My preferred application for mockups and wireframes is Sketch. Most of the websites that I create are built on WordPress, although as a developer I find it frustrating to work with. When a project doesn't need a client-accessible CMS, I usually turn to MVC frameworks like Laravel or Rails.

While setting up a Linux web server isn't something that I do every day, I do maintain a handful of Centos VPS's for professional and personal projects.

Can you keep a secret? Okay, here goes: I hate Javascript and kind of love PHP. Scandalous, I know.