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I am a DC-area native and current DC resident. I've been interested in technology since 1987, when my parents bought their first PC.

I code by hand. WYSIWYG editors are not for me. My code editor of choice is Sublime Text 2. My preferred application for mockups and wireframes is Adobe Fireworks, although I'm also pretty good with Photoshop. For photography, I like Adobe Lightroom.

I pursue cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility whenever reasonable. That means that I won't spend 15 hours trying to get a site pixel perfect in Internet Explorer 6, but I will do my best to ensure that users stuck on very old browsers can still access the content. I use virtual machines to test my sites on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems. When possible, my sites "degrade gracefully" and remain functional and attractive without CSS3, HTML5, or JavaScript. While I don't always create mobile versions of my sites, I do make sure that they can be used comfortably on modern smartphones and tablets. I'm also a stickler for sites that load quickly even on slower cellular connections. You will never see an 800KB PNG file on a site that I create.

For metrics and stats, I typically use Google Analytics. I've dealt with many different web hosts and domain registrars. I've helped to build simple e-commerce sites using PayPal as a processor.